Thursday, 12 May 2011

Rumours Galore

It must be the end of the football season as my clubs online forum is full of people saying they know someone who knows someone else and they know that x,y and z are signing for Oxford United.
  For some reason, the multiple rumour posters have got me more excited about the close season and potential new recruits. Probably because there is so many of them, that one is bound to be right! So whether it be Efe Sodje or Joel Grant or Wesley Thomas or any one of about 30 players that have been mentioned - I'm sure it will satisfy me.
Rumours are a powerful thing. I always remember the playground rumours at secondary school, "so and so called so and so a fatty" and the uproar these would cause across the year group. But even in the celebrity world, rumours can disrupt peoples lives or dramatically cause breaking news items that are later proved to  be inaccurate. More recently, the American killing of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden hit our TV screens and webpages hours after it had taken place. However the first details about how Bin Laden had been 'armed' have now turned out to be incorrect.
  Rumours can also turn into something bigger such as conspiracy theories, we've all heard of the theory that the American government had a role in the 9/11 attacks and that JFK was killed by the CIA.

Bringing it back to a sporting perspective, at Lincoln City's home game against Aldershot Town on Saturday a rumour went round. The situation was that Lincoln needed to win to gurantee their football league survival but if Barnet did not beat Port Vale then Lincoln would stay up. Barnet were winning 1-0 and Lincoln losing when news spread around Lincoln's Sincil Bank home that Port Vale had equalised and Lincoln were now safe. Imagine the pain when this turned out to be incorrect.

Busy week ahead for myself, with end of year university exams to continue preparing for whilst still paying attention to the OUFC news feeds.

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