Thursday, 22 September 2011

Catch Up

Since I last posted, the Oxford Boys had a successful trip to Swindon, winning 2-1 against Paulo Di Canio's side for the first Yellow victory in Wiltshire for the first time in 38 years. Following this the U's continued with draws against Aldershot and Burton either side of a defeat at Crewe before 2 away victories at Dagenham and Barnet. Chris Wilder has signed a number of loan players to help cope with a mini injury crisis that has hit his squad - Lewis Guy, Robert Hall and Andy Haworth have all joined the yellows from higher leagues whilst Jonathan Franks joined on transfer deadline day before returning to home club Middlesbrough with a dislocated shoulder.

The rugby world cup has started although I've only managed to see the one game so far - early kickoff times and being a student has meant I've failed to raise myself - however, I chose the best one to watch it seems. There is something so sweet about seeing any Australian sportsman looking upset after losing a game, Ireland deserved their victory, Paul O'Connell led the Irish pack magnificently and they had the Aussies on the wrack for the entire 80 minutes.
England appear to be struggling to impress with the forwards being criticised for giving away too many penalties and the backs apparantly having a lack of imagination to create any potential chances. The same as the last 5 years then!

I've now arrived back in Hull for my second year of University and hopefully will be able to keep a regular  update of this blog going with an improvement throughout the year!

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