Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Accepted by the locals

So I've finally done it! After over 18 months of being a student at the University of Hull, I have ventured to watch a game of Rugby League. Its not that I dislike RL (I quite often watch York City Knights when at home) I just haven't worked a fixture into my life until now. Our fantastic new sports editor at 'The Hullfire' has been building bridges with Hull's local clubs whilst I have been bugging him about potential opportunities over the summer.  The result of this was my fine self being sent to the KC to report on Hull FC v St Helens on Sunday.

There is something so friendly about the people of Hull. Just walking to the ground on Sunday, I had conversations with at least 5 different people who were more than happy to offer their opinions on the match ahead as well as players to watch out for. Once in the ground, (East Stand Unreserved Section for those who like to know that kind of thing) I set about the task of working out who was in the starting lineups for both sides, I had somehow managed to position myself between two speakers in such a way that I couldn't hear fully what was coming out of either. Not to worry, the elderly gentleman behind me was more than happy to assist.

The game itself started off in a lackluster manner before the Saints somehow found themselves 12-0 up. For me, I was making sure I was accepted into the ranks of Hull FC fans by joining in the shouts of "Get them bloody onside touch judge" and "Forward". It appears that these words are mandatory to any rugby league fan as I often hear them twenty or so times a game at York Knights.
FC got back into the game just before half time before the lead exchanged hands twice more, back to the Saints and then to Hull who took the lead with a Danny Tickle penalty with 10 minutes left. The Hull fans around me had little faith though, "we'll muck this up, just you watch", they were right to be so negative, Jordan Turner failed to cling on to an interception with the line at this mercy and it proved vital as the Saints won a penalty in front of the Hull posts in the last minute and gladly knocked over the two points to end the match as a draw.

As the final hooter sounded, I was asked my opinions on the game, I replied that I enjoyed it and that FC looked a good team. This was met with nods of approval and a chorus of "you can come again then". Fantastic, accepted by the locals!

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